10 Survival Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Written by Jessika Firmage

Feed Your Spirit:  However you do this. Pray, read scriptures, meditate, go hiking, read daily inspirations, do yoga…take a long hot bath after the kids have gone to bed.  Here are some great online resources for mothers:

            Inspiration For Mothers

            Daily Inspiration for the Nursing Mother (archived link)

            Strong Mothers (archived link)

            Just For Mom

Know When To Say No:  Many people assume that Stay-At-Home-Moms have lots of extra time on their hands, nothing could be further from the truth.  Know when to polietly turn down others when they ask for your help. Whether it is watching their kids, running an errand, or whatever.  Know your boundaries, and do not feel pressured to take on additional tasks.  It is very easy to get overwhelmed, which in turn affects your daily attitude, and your attitude toward your children.  Stay happy, and stay as stress free as you can.  Here are some resources to help you on your way to lightening your load:

            Self Growth

            Mayo Clinic – Stress Management

            20 Ways to Say No

Get Ready For Your Day:  This means you!  Get out of those pajamas, get dressed, brush your teeth, your hair, maybe even a little mascara.  Nothing is more certain to keep you down than not taking care of you.  Besides the benefits to yourself, your children will notice an improved attitude, and your partner will be sure to appreciate the extra effort.

Eat Healthy:  It is just as easy to eat healthy as it is not to.  Resist the urge to grab a donut and cup of gas station coffee in the morning, a drive thru in the afternoon, etc. Instead, grab a fresh piece of fruit, prepare a lunch at home to take when you run errands.  Buy a reusable water bottle, and stay hydrated.  Don’t drink soda.  Just don’t.

Get Plenty of Sleep:  Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it.  Sleep?!  What is that anyway?  When people tell you to sleep when the baby does, they aren’t kdding.  It isn’t always possible, but it is so important.  Those of us with more than one baby know how difficult this can be.  If you can’t pull off a nap during the day, be sure to turn in for the night at a decent hour.  If you need to leave house work for the next day, do it.  Your sleep is more important than a clean house.

Get Out of the House:  Even if it is just a trip to the gorcery store, or a walk around the block.  A change of scenery helps you not go crazy.  Getting out when you only have one child is so easy compared to two or more.  And having your second baby is quite different than having your first.  The addition of even just a tiny little newborn can be extremely overwhelming, but at least sit on the porch and get some sunshine while they sleep.  Something, anything.

Meet Other Mothers:  Support and companionship from other mothers is an essential part of early motherhood.  Get involved in a mommy group or playgroup.  Try these wonderful organizations to get you on your way:

            La Leche League

            American Mothers

            Holistic Moms Network

            Mothers and More

Count Your Blessings:  It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day craziness.  Be sure to take time to be grateful for the many wonderful things you do have.  A good way to do this is to start everday by writing down just one thing you are grateful for.  Keep a journal, you’ll be surprised how quickly it fills up!

Don’t Forget Those Who Make It All Possible: Our incredible partners!  It is so easy to forget how much they do for us, and it isn’t uncommon to neglect their needs, or let their efforts and achievments go unnoticed.  Make an effort every single day to let them know how much you appreciate them.  Greet them at the door with a hug and kiss, and a “How was your day?” and refrain from unloading your days woes on them, make their favorite dinner, make time, make love.  If your partner is happy, you will be, too.  If they’re not, you can bet you won’t be either!

Make Time For YOU (with no kids):  Don’t let the woman you were before having babies disappear.  Hang on to your friends, and your hobbies.  Grab a cup of coffee, dinner, go shopping for you.  Take an exercise class, go to yoga, read a book in the mountains.  Do not lose track of who you are aside from being an incredible mother.

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