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A Nature Walk & Teaching Colors

Written by Jessika Firmage

The autumn colors are so incredible!  I am blessed to live in the mountains and wake up every day to nature’s unfolding art display!

A few years ago while teaching colors to my then 19 month old, I came up with a wonderful, interesting, and fun way to continue our learning of colors through nature.  All you need is a basket, some paper cups, and an eager toddler!

I took four paper cups, and wrote “red”, “orange”, “yellow”, and “green” on the inside of each.  I placed the four cups inside the basket, and let Eliza do the sorting.  To my surprise, she did very well filling each cup with the appropriate color.  In hind sight, I should have used five cups, and made one for brown, because she found a lot of brown leaves, and just ended up mixing a little into every cup!

She had so much fun, and was so engrossed in this activity, that it ended up being a bit of a battle to get her to comply with heading home.  Although, when we did get home, we spent the afternoon sorting the leaves over and over again, and making an Autumn leaf place mat.

When you make learning fun, the possibilities are endless.  The next morning, she had already sorted her leaves again and learned yellow!  Grab your baskets, and head out for your own nature walk.  And don’t limit yourself to leaves, you could also teach textures by collecting rocks, sticks, grass, bugs, etc.  What a great way to teach our children useful knowledge, while growing a love and respect for our beautiful earth!

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