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Fail-proof Meal Planning Jar

Written by Jessika Firmage

I love to cook wholesome, real food.  But I often find myself in a rut, like most moms.  Trying new recipes can sometimes seem daunting, and when you see a new one in a magazine or online, it’s hard to recall it when it could just as easily be spaghetti night again.

I came up with a creative and fun way to help myself remember recipes I want to try, and solid recipes I know my family already loves.  It also helps to not repeat a particular meal too often, and keeps things rotating nicely.  Difficult?  Not at all.

Simply write down your favorite meals and ones you’d like to try out on a little piece of paper and toss in your custom “dinner jar”.  Whether you like to write out a month or a week of meal plans, or just want something to get you out of your dinner rut…this is a simple and cute way to do so.

Now when you see a recipe online, bookmark it and write the title down on a scrap piece of paper, then toss it in the jar.  See a recipe in a magazine?  Cut it out and fold it up…in it goes as well.  For meal planning pull a piece of paper out, write it down on your calendar, and set aside, then choose another.

I hope some of you find this helpful.  Another great thing about this idea is allowing your kids to choose out of the jar, and add to it as well.  They love to have a hand in helping make decisions.  Do they have something new they would like to try?  Have them write it down and put it in as well.  Fun for everyone.  I put the steel ring on, but left the lid off, then tied rafia on to make it cute.  No lid to take off every time you want to stick your hand in!  Enjoy!

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