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Salad Spinner Art

Written by Jessika Firmage


salad spinner
**(Be sure the spinner you have or use does NOT have a shaft/pole down the middle.  You want a big empty bowl.)
thin paper plates
tempura paint
a hole punch
curling ribbon


1. Place a paper plate in the salad spinner’s basket.  Put  a variety of colors of paint in little nickel or quarter sized blobs in the center of the plate.  Put the lid on and spin.  Depending on the size of your plate and the size of your salad spinner, you may need to trim the edges of the plate to fit nice and flat inside the spinner.

2.  Hang out for a bit, take turns.  If you plan to do this for a party or other gathering with lots of kids it is nice to have one salad spinner to every two or three kids.

3.  Take off the lid and carefully remove your piece of art.  Super messy…and the paint is still wet of course, allow time for the paint to dry.

4.  Punch a hole in one edge of each plate, thread a piece of curling ribbon through the hole and hang.  A fun and easy way to make decorations for any occasion, and a fun craft for a rainy day!

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