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Wet Sock Treatment

wool socks
Written by Jessika Firmage

Take a pair of 100% cotton socks, get them ice cold, ring them out and put them on.  Immediately put on a pair of 100% wool socks and get in bed, get comfortable and go to sleep.  The cotton socks should be dry in the morning.  This increases circulation to your lower extremities which in turn improves circulation everywhere throughout your body.

This treatment decreases congestion starting within 30 minutes, and your feet should start to warm up soon after you get snuggled in bed.  Children as well as adults often receive the added benefit of a gentle sedative effect.

This treatment is indicated for:

  •     sore throats

  •     neck pain

  •     ear infections

  •     headaches

  •     congestion

  •     upper respiratory infections

  •     coughs

  •     bronchitis

  •     sinus infections

Plan ahead, this would be a great time to go buy 100% cotton socks and a pair of 100% wool socks for every member of the family.  Please note that this treatment works best if repeated 3 nights in a row, but is contraindicated for those with severe immune system impairment as is the  case with people with HIV, and also contraindicated for those with circulation problems like are present with diabetes.

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