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Active Winter Fun

mom playing in the snow with her kids
Written by Jamie Wolf

The kids are in school, the temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter and shorter. You’re a smart momma. You don’t need me to tell you that feeding your kids a clean diet will help keep their immune systems strong, thus preventing them from catching colds and the flu.

Did you know that there is another tool that you can arm yourself with as the thermometer is dropping? It’s as close as the nearest window in your house. Rather than going into hibernation mode, get outdoors!

Not only is being active good for them, but good for you as well. Try these ideas!


Most of us can remember these growing up. Let your kids use their imagination, grab toys from inside to bring out to make their “forts” feel more like “home.”


Again, this is a fond memory for many of us. Run around, play tag and act crazy, but most importantly, just keep moving.


Now here’s a novel idea. Heading to your local playground, you’re sure to find it empty and converted into a winter wonderland of swings and monkey bars. I do caution that this is fun as long as it is not icy. But, snow is a different story!


Again, this a place where many do not venture once the temps dip, but your local trail or state park is the perfect place to enjoy winter’s beauty and its unique perspective.


If you live where you can skate out-doors this is a magical experience that not many can take advantage of. If not, you can still head on over to an ice rink and let your kids twirl around and chase you.


Now this is cool. Fill balloons with water and a drop of food coloring (make sure they don’t try eating that yucky stuff) and then tie them shut. Either put them in the freezer or if it is cold enough, leave them outside overnight. When solid, cut them open and viola, you’ll have instant orbs/ice sculptures. Although not “active,” it gets points for creativity.


Help your kids bring out their little athlete by inviting the neighborhood kids to take part in various games/challenges. This encourages not only active play, but also the importance of teamwork.


On a day that the temperature dips below freezing, bundle up the kiddos and head outside with your bubbles. Yes, I said bubbles. Once they start to blow from the wand, watch as they magically firm up in mid-flight. They will continue to drop slowly and eventually land on the ground without popping!

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