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Written by Allyson McQuinn

Are you concerned about your child’s immunity? Are you questioning the efficacy and safety of allopathic vaccines? Do you want to ensure that your babe is protected from any childhood illness that may be lurking in their midst? Before I became a Physician of Natural Medicine, I wanted these answers too.

I’d also had a vaccine damaged babe and so the answers to these questions became paramount to me. Below, I’ll share with you the best practices that we regularly share with our patients, which have proven to be effective over the last 20 years that we’ve been researching natural medicine for ourselves and others.


Diet is very important; limiting refined sugars and wheat and sticking to whole, mostly raw, organic foods can go a long way to helping to build a child’s immunity naturally. Most all of our family’s foods come from our local farmers’ markets and I’ve made almost all of our meals from scratch for the last 20 years, even while running our own farm and running a busy holistic clinic.

I’m also a keen raw milk advocate and have made kefir with raw goat’s milk for longer than I can remember.We drink natural spring water from a well, which is ideal. However, you may have to re-mineralize other sources of water to increase the pH levels for greater alkalinity. On average, a 7-12year old needs about 4 cups (or 1 litre) of water to keep their body well-hydrated and toxin free. Also, lots of sleep (10-12 hours a night, with dark curtains, for younger children) is restorative. We also find that lots of outdoor playtime and kinesthetic learning in a natural environment is most ideal for the healthy unfolding of a child.


Most parents we serve are keen champions of homeschooling, unschooling and Waldorf education models for their child. As Physicians who’ve treated many children and teachers at a local Waldorf school, we can attest to the differences in natural immunity when children are exposed to nature, lots of self-discovery time, and a pedagogy that holds reverence for their natural physical, emotional and spiritual unfolding.

Naturally, unhurried, confident self-learners have stronger immune functions purely by default than stressed or pushed kids who are tired, tested, and forced to learn stuff they’re not yet ready for or interested in. Home-work itself is totally demoralizing and never loved by any kid we’ve ever served. It has also never been prov-en to be of any value, educationally, and would do well to be abolished.

See Alfie Kohn’s The Homework Myth; Why Our Kids Get Too Much Of A Bad Thing.


The other thing to look at is how we use medicine to resolve timeline traumas in their sequential order. Events like antibiotics, a death in the family (even the cat or dog), moving houses, and vaccines are actually immuno-suppressive to kids if not addressed outright. We know this scientifically to be true, as when we use the homeopathic remedies to remove the shocks and traumas from their timeline, their immune function naturally increases.

The other aspect is that our family’s Genetic Miasms, like Cancer (fatigue and headaches), Psora (scabies and allergies), Tuberculosis (bronchitis and pneumonia), Sycosis (asthma and eczema), are causing an inherent load on our child’s natural immunity. After the sequential timeline, we’ll address each one of these in the order of our human evolution, sending a child into such a pristine state, that they gen-erally don’t need further treatment either from us nor the allopathic physician for the rest of their child-hoods. See more here.


The last thing that we do for our patients is use the homeopathic nosodes to immunize, on the natural law of nature, like cures like. Our Heilkunst Medicine (defined as the whole art and science of healing and curing) community has been immunizing folks internationally for over 20 years, with not one person suffering the disease for which we’ve provided the nosode for that year.

This includes all Flus, Measles, Mumps, German Measles, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, and Polio. We’ve also provided homeopathic nosodes to many world travelers for Cholera, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Hep A, Hep B, Pneumonia, and Malaria, again with no reported incidences in that same span of time.

About the author

Allyson McQuinn

Allyson McQuinn, DHHP, DMH, JAOH, is a Dr. of Heilkunst Medicine with almost twenty years of research behind her. She co-owns Arcanum Wholistic Clinic, where she treats patients internationally by phone and Skype, using the scientific principles of Medical Heilkunst to treat patient’s sequential timelines, relieving them of their shocks and traumas of an emotional and physical nature.

Allyson’s foray into Heilkunst principles began with her son who was rendered chronically ill in the autism spectrum after his MMR vaccine. It was shortly thereafter that he stopped passing stool regularly, except for once every 1-2 weeks, stopped making eye contact and his development became more and more delayed. As a result of being told to “just put him on drugs for the rest of his his childhood, because some boys just seem to suffer from this,” Allyson went on a journey to solve the root cause of her son’s autistic spectrum issues. She found the answers through Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s foundational teachings in homeopathic principles from the Organon der Heilkunst taught at The Hahnemann College for Heilkunst. As a result, she wrote, The Path to Cure; The Whole Art of Healing, in 2004 illustrating her son’s full blown cure from autism.

As a further result of going on to study at the Post Graduate level with Steven Decker (Scholar and translator of Hahnemann’s 6th edition of the Organon der Heilkunst) at The Novalis Organon in Santa Barbara California (note that this school has since folded its curriculum into the Hahnemann College’s), Allyson was inspired to study in depth Rudolf Steiner’s medical lectures in Anthroposophical Medicine and just about everything Wilhelm Reich ever wrote.

The latter took her into the heart of true desire function. After literally consuming Reich’s “Character Analysis” and “Function Of The Orgasm,” Allyson began to adopt Medical Orgone Therapies, including Bowen, fashioning them into consistent psycho-therapeutics for her patients where she consistently sees them relieved of their physical armoring, emotional schizms, and spiritual suffering. This is the subject of her second book, Unfolding The Essential Self; From Rage to Orgastic Potency, where she explores how fellow clinicians can help their patients express their anger, naturally releasing their thwarted and repressed healthy desires for their true beloved.

In 2013, Allyson also published, Sophie’s Truth;How a Young Girl Unfolded Her Essential Self Through Love, which is a novel depicting her post graduate research into how sexual suppression in society actually creates skewed practices of a pornographic nature and how her character, Sophie, overcomes her own anger realizing this societal burden for herself. Allyson also wrote the book entitled, The Raw Milk Cleanse: My Discovery Over 35 Days on Nothing But Goat’s Milk, which, she cites was one of the most illuminating journeys imaginable. Allyson has authored 17 books to date and she says that she’s only getting started.

Allyson lives as a digital nomad, writing for a variety of publications, lecturing, and serving patients worldwide with her resonant partner, and fellow Heilkünstler, Jeff Korentayer, B.A. Psych., DHHP, DMH. She’s an avid hiker and photojournalist for a variety travel magazines. Allyson also has a beautiful and healthy daughter who was also homeschooled and now works with Allyson as an editor on the publishing side her business.