About NMM

Mission Statement:

This website and magazine were born out of a desire for something more and something different than what is already available.  There is a need for a online natural mothering magazine, in a flip page style format.​

There is a need for articles that encourage mothers to follow their instincts, that nursing your baby is normal, that co-sleeping is encouraged under safe circumstances.  There is a desire for a community of mothers that cover a wide range of lifestyles, opinions and beliefs, who are able to put aside their differences and lend support because of one commonality – being a mom. This is that community, and we welcome each and every one of you.

All our author’s are volunteers who also wish to further the message of holistic living and gentle parenting.  Each mother out there has the desire to do what is best for her children in every capacity. Every mother deserves respect for her journey, and access to reliable, accurate, and alternative information to help her make the best decisions she can. Our aim is to provide great content for our readers, and an audience for advertisers who offer products and services the natural-minded mother would consider.  You won’t see advertisements for Nestle. You will see ads from socially responsible companies that promote natural living, health and wellness.  Companies that are in line with my personal ethics and values, and yours.