Author Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in submitting an article for publication on our website and/or magazine, we would love to hear from you.  Follow the steps below, so we get everything we need from you all at once (we’re big into efficiency!).

  1. Check out our website, poke around and click around to see the kinds of topics we are interested in.
  2. Brainstorm!  What are we missing, what could you help cover that we haven’t yet covered? Search some key words related to your topic-in-mind to see what we already have!
    **Please not we do not accept advertorial articles except through our Advertising Department.  Please contact for more information.
  3. Type up your article, try to get the word count between 1500-2500.
  4. Attach your article below.
  5. Attach a headshot. It doesn’t need to be professional.  Just something we can use alongside your article and bio. Even a phone photo will do., as long as you send the high resolution option. Take it either with the sun on your face (pay attention to shadows), or in the shade (no shadows). Please send color photos, no black and white.
  6. Attach a bio of between 200-500 words. Include all applicable links like your website, Facebook and/or Instagram pages.  This is where you get to direct people to you. Why should they follow your links? Sell yourself here, friends! You’ve got a voice for a reason, use it!At this time, all of our authors are volunteers, and accept promotion of their own website, products, and projects as payment.  We are working up to paying our authors in the short future. Stay tuned.
  7. By submitting an article through this form you are claiming that it is your intellectual property, and you accept all responsibility for it. You also agree to not publish it in full anywhere else digitally or in print.  You are welcome to republish only the first 500 words on your own website or elsewhere on the web with a link back to the original article on our website. Please use the verbiage “Go to full article on” and hyperlink it to your article page.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team as a one-time or recurring author.  We appreciate our community so much, and your support means the world to mothers all over the world.

Jessika Jacob
Publisher | Founder | Producer

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